Monday, March 24, 2008

Plant Germination Stand

Well, here is the finished plant germination stand. This photo shows the cleats and pocket screws used to construct the stand. This view is the inside area where the "tray" goes. so all the screw holes are concealed by the plastic liner in the tray.

Here I am in my home shop soing the final assembly (Erika took the picture). Notice the wood stove on the left. Keeps us nice and toasty during those long winter days working out there.

I put 10 four lamp bulbs in the shop. It's very bright in there, as the picture shows.

Here's a photo of the finished unit. I did some nice wire management down the back leg, so it's very clean. The lamps are set up on a timer. See my babies.....tomatoes and peppers. As of today, the tomatoes are 10" tall.
If you would like some information on this project, leave me a comment. Thanks. Mark

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Parker said...

What kind of tomatoes are you growing Mark? I heard there was a kind called beefsteak(!?).