Monday, April 7, 2008

The Church of John Deere

We have this lovely young woman from Kenya working for us. She is very interesting, very serious, and very religious. She goes to church every week. She believes. I think it’s wonderful. She asked me once if I would be going to church on Sunday. I replied that I would be in fact attending church, the church of John Deere. English being a second language for her, as well as her youth working against her, she did not understand me.
I have a 790 John Deere tractor with a model 70 loader on the front. Now, this should not be confused with a lawn or garden tractor. We call our riding lawn mower that cuts the grass the mow-mow, taken from our neighbors two year old. My “tractor” weighs about 2500 pounds, is diesel fueled, and has a 30 hp engine. Watch me roar, argh, argh, argh…………….
I find a tremendous amount of mental relief while running my tractor. After a bad day, I have been known to spend 6-8 hours running the tractor, digging holes, moving rocks, grading the driveway, hauling firewood, moving old stumps, and the like. It’s where I do my thinking, escaping, dreaming, and praying. Sometimes I just drive up the driveway and back to sort of get away for a few minutes. I will get myself re-centered, and remind myself of how fortunate I am in this life, and how grateful I should be for what I have. We all have a place like this that we go to from time to time. Where is your place?


Sidewinder Studio said...

Nice Deere. So, is that anything like the church of the farmer? Where, with tending the plants and animals, there just isn't time to attend an actual Sunday service. And being outdoors, communing with nature lends itself to help with life and life's big questions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, it's the Kenyan girl. I'm glad to learn that you do also pray in your Church of John Deere. Prayer is very important. There are many things I'm grateful for too...if I listed them all, I'd take over your blog :)

Anonymous said...

wow! cool! : )