Friday, December 12, 2008

Old Hardware, New Furniture

Mark is out and about so today I am your guest blogger!

I’m Alison Heath, the Director of Marketing for Hardwood Artisans. As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, I have a very curious obsession with furniture. Luckily, I’m in the right place because I work with a bunch of people just like me.

Most of what I buy is antique or “collectible” I suppose since it’s all less than 100 years old. However, I need a file cabinet for my home office and it’s hard to find vintage file cabinets that are in good condition and that aren’t metal (which definitely won’t work with all the walnut in my place). So last week I ordered my own piece of Hardwood Artisans furniture—a modified laptop desk deskmate. It’s not on the website yet, but you can see it in our Alexandria store.

Since the Mid-century look is relatively new for us and I needed a Mid-century detail to match the cabinet to the rest of my furniture, it was off to the internet to find an appropriate selection.

What I found was a lovely little company out in Portland, Oregon called Rejuvenation. Not only did I find the most adorable pulls for my file cabinet, they came in less than a week and the people were incredibly friendly. And they have a blog too.

All in all, a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to do business with them again.

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