Friday, January 23, 2009

Etsy clay love

It's genuinely amazing to me just how many talented people there are on Etsy. I had always loved going to galleries and local stores like Appalachian Spring and Artcraft to see handmade items by local (and not so local) artists. This past weekend I also made a visit to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, which I will have to do a post about soon.

That said, another entire world opens up online. This Christmas I bought handmade ornaments for a friend of mine from a woman (Jennifer Orme) in the UK. I just never would have found her without the internet. She makes gorgeous jewelry too. I'm sure I'll be forced to indulge soon.

Here are some other very talented artists on Etsy working in clay.

Element Clay Studio, Ceramics by Heather Knight

Ceramic coasters, LMNOProducts by Lauren McMahon

Judi Tavill, Ceramic Artist of Handmade Pottery, Vessels, and Objects

With all the wonderful handmade pottery out there, I am seriously reconsidering my decision to continue buying dishes from Crate & Barrel.

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